Created in 1946 by the Protestant Church of Geneva, the Protestant Family and Couples Counselling Office (OPCCF) is today a non-profit association at the service of all.

The association has two main missions:

Counselling: offers professional support to couples and families facing a difficult life situation or transition.

Training: it offers postgraduate and continuing training as well as supervision in couples and family therapy and mediation to French-speaking professionals within the framework of its Institute for Couple and Family Studies (IECF).


Its action is based on the following values:

Listening: The OPCCF offers an empathetic and confidential listening to the needs, sufferings and aspirations of the people it receive.

Dignity: its approach promotes individual dignity and the dignity of belonging, in the service of all, regardless of origin, religion, sexual orientation and income.

Resources: The OPCCF believes in the capacity for evolution, creativity and mobilisation of the resources of each human being, couple and family.

Choice: its approach is based on freedom of choice, fairness and commitment.


The OPCCF is affiliated to the Federation of French and Italian-speaking Couples Counselling Services (Couple+) and affiliated to the Protestant Church of Geneva which, in 2018, after a reflection on the priorities of its own mission, reaffirmed its support for families and the activities of our Office.


The activities of the OPCCF are co-financed by client contributions, subsidies from the State of Geneva, support from the Protestant Church of Geneva and donations from municipalities, foundations and individuals.