The Protestant Family and Couples Counselling Office (OPCCF) is a secular association, at the service of all, without distinction of origin, confession, income, sexual orientation and identity.

The OPCCF offers professional support to couples and families facing a difficult life situation or transition.

The OPCCF also offers postgraduate and further training courses with a mainly systemic orientation, within the framework of its Institute for Couple and Family Studies (ICFS).

We offer 5 types of services

Couples counseling helps you deal with a crisis in your relationship, give meaning to your life together or consider separation.

Family therapy is a way of addressing and overcoming relational and emotional difficulties within the family.

Parental guidance is intended for parents who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships with their children or adolescents.

Family mediation helps to solve concrete problems, including legal aspects, that couples encounter following a separation or in the context of an inheritance.

The children’s group is a discussion group for children whose parents are separated or divorced.

For more information or to make an initial appointment, please contact the OPCCF by telephone on 022.311.82.11